Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a continuance?
    If you have a civil traffic ticket you may write, call or fax the court for a one month extension of your court date.
  2. What if my ticket is marked criminal?
    Then you must appear before the judge.
  3. How do I enroll in Defensive Driving class?
    Call 1-888-334-5565 Web Site HTTP://
  4. How do I know if I am eligible for a Defensive Driving class [DDC]?
    You may attend once within a two (2) year period. 
  5. What if I cannot get into the class until after my court date?
    If you call the school to enroll prior to your court date, the school will give you an extension and notify the court that you have enrolled.
  6. Will this take care of my ticket in its entirety?
    This will take care of one moving violation on your citation. If you have more than one charge, you will need to handle the remaining charge[s] with the court.
  7. Where are the classes held?
    Please ask the school for class information regarding location and time of class when you enroll in the class.
  8. My driving privileges are suspended by Motor Vehicle for an unpaid ticket in your court; how do I take care of it?
    You must send a Money Order or Cashier's Check only (no personal checks will be accepted) along with a correct mailing address to the court. The court will then send you your receipt and any necessary documentation to take to Motor Vehicle to reinstate your driving privileges.
  9. What if I can't pay the fine in full?
    We have a Collections Officer available to set up a payment plan on Mondays.

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