Show Low Library
 Computer Use Policies


To use a computer, you must first check in with the Computer Lab Attendant or Library Staff.   If you have library fines of $3.00 or more, you must pay those fines before you can use a computer.


Minors (under age 18) must have an “Internet Use Agreement” signed by a parent or guardian and on file at the Library to use the Internet.


You will be assigned to a computer to use for up to one hour. Additional time may be allowed, at the discretion of Library Staff.


Log on by entering only the password as provided.  Please logoff when finished (click on Start > Log Off > Log Off).


No food or drink is allowed in the computer area.


Printing costs are 10 cents a page for black ink. Color printing is available for 25 cents a page in the Library Computer Lab only. Please pay Library Staff for any printing when you are finished using the computer.


Floppy disks and CD’s are available for purchase from Library Staff.


You will be expected to use this and any other public computer in the Library appropriately, only for legal purposes, and in compliance with Show Low Public Library policies.


For failure to comply with these policies, you could be asked to leave and could permanently lose your privilege to use the computers in the Library, including the Computer Lab.

                                                                                                                   Revised 1/5/06