1.    How are youth leagues made?

  Teams will be constructed according to the school in which a child attends.  Teams will then be drawn from a hat form within those schools balancing the different ages and grades as much as possible.  Children who attend home school will be placed in the school pool to which they would attend if they went to public school.  In leagues with ages to young to attend school, we will put them, as much as possible, on teams with other children close to where they live.

  2.    How can I become a coach?

  Contact the Show Low Recreation Services Department and we will register you.

3.    When and where will practices be held for my child's team?

  As the Recreation Services Department has few, or no, facilities, we suggest, but do not require coaches to hold practices every week, as we can't reserve facilities for this purpose.  It is up to the coaches to find a place and time to hold practices and let their team know when and where it will be held.  Pee Wee T-Ball teams rarely hold practices as the games themselves are formatted much as a practice session would be.

4.    How will I know when my child's games are?

  The coach should call each member of his/her team for each game, or give each parent a schedule.  If this does not occur, you may contact the Recreation Department.

5.    If a game is cancelled due to weather, or other concerns, how will I know it has been cancelled?

  The Recreation Services Department will contact each coach and the coach in turn will contact each member of his/her team.

6.    How will I know who my child's coach is?

  Each coach will be given the names and phone numbers of the children placed on their team.  It will then be the coach's responsibility to call each member of that team.  If you do not hear from your coach in a timely manner, you may contact the Recreation Services Department.


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