August 28, 2008                                                                          


It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the following selections for Police Officer of the Year for the following two organizations in our community:

                        Officer Alan Rogers                    Elks Lodge Officer of the Year



                        Officer Nat Newport                    VFW Officer of the Year



A number of officers were nominated by peers and supervisors over the course of the last several weeks.  On August 27th, staff met as a group and discussed the attributes of a number of officers.  As the discussion progressed, the skills, activities, and character of these two officers yielded a unanimous selection as listed above.  Please join me in congratulating them on this award.

Officer Rogers [received] his award at a banquet hosted by the Elks Lodge on September 6th at 1800 hours.  Officer Newport will receive his award at a time to be specified in the future.

Those who were nominated, but not selected, will be notified by their supervisors in the near future.  I would like to commend each of you for your outstanding work that led to your nomination.  I also know that every single member of this agency works diligently each day and could likely receive a similar award if we had enough to go around.  Thank you all for your professionalism and dedication to the citizens of Show Low.


Again, congratulations to Nat and Alan on t-his achievement!



J. Jeffrey Smythe

Chief of Police   

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