Telecommunications Dispatcher        (Click Here For Application)

We are  NOT accepting  applications at this time.

Telecommunications Dispatcher Hiring Process

1. Submit an Application and Typing Certificate.
Submit your application and typing certificate of 40 wpm or greater. Only the most qualified applicants will continue to the next phase of the hiring process. If you do not pass any portion of the process below you will be eligible to re-apply in six months.

2. Attend Testing.
You will be notified by mail for the upcoming testing dates. Testing occurs as positions become available.

The testing process includes:

Written Test

Listening Test

Applicants must pass the Written Test and Listening Test with an aggregate score of 70% in order to continue with the remaining two tests.

Oral Board Interview

Practical Test

3. Fill Out Background Packets.

A background packet will be given to successful applicants for completion and submit to the background investigator. The background investigator will schedule an interview with the applicant to review the background packet.

4. Sit Along in Communication.

The applicant will sit in the Communication Section as an observer. This allows the applicant first-hand experience of communication operations and to interact with communication personnel. 

5. Interview with the Chief of Police and Command Staff.
Only the most qualified applicants will continue to the next phase of the hiring process.

6. Conditional Job Offer.

The purpose of a Conditional Job Offer is to extend to the applicant a conditional offer of employment. This offer of employment is conditioned upon the availability of a funded position. The applicant must meet terms and conditions before being hired by the Show Low Police Department and must be the best qualified applicant. A final offer of employment will be extended only after all established requirements set forth by the Show Low Police Department have been satisfied

7. Polygraph and Background Investigation. 
A thorough background investigation shall be performed on each candidate.

8. Medical Examination.
Only the most qualified applicants will continue to the next phase of the hiring process.

9. Psychological Screening.
A battery of psychological tests shall be administered to each candidate after they receive a conditional job offer. The tests will be evaluated by a licensed psychologist and used in conjunction with a personal interview to evaluate the applicant and determine their suitability for employment. Only the most qualified applicants will continue to the next phase of the hiring process.

10. Final Job Offer. 
The Chief of Police, based upon the results of the selection process and personal interviews, shall make the final hiring decision.

Although selection is based upon the successful completion of all of the above components listed, the nature of the selection process allows any single component, other than the polygraph result, to cause the elimination of a candidate from further consideration. The selection process is designed to allow the Department to obtain qualified personnel to fill specific needs. The final determination of the attributes and skills that a candidate should possess and who will be selected for employment is the responsibility of the Chief of Police.


Police Officer        Below is more information concerning Police Officer requirements. (Click Here For Application)

We are  NOT accepting  applications at this time.

The Show Low Police Department is now accepting applications for the full-time position of police officer.  Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm on February 28, 2013.  Testing will be for lateral or new-hire academy officers.  Applicants must use the Show Low Police Department application and not the City of Show Low application.  The testing process will be around the 3rd week of March.  A letter will be sent out to all applicants to notify them of the test.  If you have any questions, contact Commander Jeff McNeil at 928-537-2491.
The Show Low Policed Department is now accepting applications for reserve officers interested in attending the Northeastern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy (NALETA).  NALETA is a part-time academy that will begin sometime in August 2013 and finish in July 2014.  It runs on Tuesday/Thursday (four hours each day) and all day on Saturdays.  An applicant may enter the academy at age 20, but must turn 21 years of age prior to the completion of the academy.  Successful NALETA graduates will be AZPOST certified police officers with full police authority in the State of Arizona.   Applicants must fill out a department police application and check the "reserve" box if interested this type of academy experience.  Contact Commander McNeil at 928-537-2491 for further information.  "Reserve" officer applications will be accepted until Wednesday, March 20, 2013.

We encourage interested applicants to do the following:

  • Conduct a “site visit” here at the police department and schedule a ride-along with an officer.  Even if you are certified with another agency, riding here in Show Low will give you insight regarding our policing culture and issues we face in our community
  • Take college classes or conduct personal research in the field.  You should be conversant on community policing, problem solving, crime analysis and mapping, operational issues in the criminal justice system, and case law regarding the use of force.
  • Maintain peak physical fitness.  The Show Low Police Department conducts fitness testing on all officers twice per year.  We currently use the Cooper test.  For new employee, we use the Cooper tests to assess candidates’ overall fitness levels.
  • Explore the AZPOST webpage (http://www.azpost.state.az.us/) and review all selection criteria.  Focus particularly on the drug use and prior criminal records.  There are a number of mandatory disqualifiers that would make an applicant ineligible for selection as a police officer in the State of Arizona.


Our testing protocol for Police Officer is as follows*:


Day One Morning:                   Cooper Fitness Test                  (Pass/Fail)

                                                Those passing this tests will be invited to the written.


Day One Afternoon:                 Written test (multiple choice plus an essay)

                                                Those passing the written will be invited to an oral board.


Day Two:                                Oral Board Interview.  Structured questions and scenarios reviewed by a panel of police officers.

                                                Those passing the Oral Board will be placed on an eligibility list for further action as needed.


Remaining Components:

  • Background Packet completed by applicant
  • Background investigator assigned
  • Interview with the Chief
  • Conditional job offer:
    • Polygraph examination
    • Class A Medical examination (Physical)
    • Psychological examination
  • Repeat Cooper immediately prior to hiring (Pass/Fail)


*This is subject to change based on a variety of considerations.