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Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the Show Low Planning and Zoning Commission and to the general public, that a Study Session, which shall be open to the public, will be held on Tuesday, February 26, 2008, at 7:00 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers, 180 N. 9th St., Show Low, Navajo County, Arizona. The agenda for this meeting will be as follows:


Call to Order.



Roll Call.



Discussion of Possible Recommendations for



City of Show Low Trails Masterplan Design Standards



Guest House Provisions



Chapter 12 (Land Division) proposed revisions

4. Adjournment.



Diana Hough, Administrative Assistant

Community Development


I, Diana Hough, do hereby certify that the foregoing notice was posted on Friday, February 22, 2007.

These minutes will be presented for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission




Call to Order. Chairman Skillin called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



Roll Call.

Commissioners present: Chairman Skillin, Vice-Chairman Latham, Commissioner Leech, Commissioner
         Isaacs, Commissioner Sipes, Commissioner Allsop, Commissioner Johnson.

Staff present: Justen Tregaskes, Senior Planner; K. Kane Graves, City Attorney; Telford Chapman, Senior
         Planner; Katie Blakeslee, Community Development Specialist; Diana Hough, Administrative
        Assistant; Kenny Patterson, Public Works Director; Bill Kopp, City Engineer.

Guests present: Bob Saner and Sean Dieterich.



Discussion of Possible Recommendations for



City of Show Low Trails Masterplan Design Standards

Ms. Blakeslee presented background information on the Show Low Trails Masterplan and stated that staff would like input on these trails recommendations.

Commissioner Sipes recommended that the trail width of 8 feet for OHV trails be reduced to 54" with pull outs for the single lanes and narrowing of the trails, possibly with boulders, where intersection with roads might allow vehicular access. Commissioner Isaacs recommended the same modification with the equestrian trails. Mr. Patterson noted that he had recommended the original 8 foot width for maintenance. They actually needed at least 52". Vice-Chairman Latham noted that emergency vehicle access was also a consideration. Commissioner Leach noted that each fire department has different vehicles for this purpose.

Commissioner Allsop said he thought we had more OHV trails than were shown on this map. Commissioner Sipes noted that there are more around the city, but these will allow access from within the city to those trails. Commissioner Allsop thought we might note that fact on the map somewhere so people understood why there were not many dedicated trails on the map. Mr. Tregaskes also noted that the majority of OHVs today are street licensed, so city streets were usable routes also.

The general consensus was that the OHV and equestrian trails needed to be 54" due to emergency and maintenance access, with prevention methods in place at potential vehicle access points.

  B. Guest House Provisions

Mr. Tregaskes presented the staff summary report, noting that a majority of the work had been done by former employee Jessica Hawn. The proposal broke guest housing into two groups:

Guest unit – attached units, which would be a permitted use in any zoning district, when units are not for rent. Seven restrictions are recommended, including common electric and water meters and driveways. Vice-Chairman Latham recommended that we allow separate electric/gas meters as he felt there were situations that might warrant keeping those expenses separate. Mr. Patterson was not in favor of separate water and sewer hook-ups. He foresees multiple problems with the logistics of that issue. Another issue discussed was the size of the guest unit. Staff recommendation is a unit maximum of 950 sf or 25% of the floor area of the home, whichever is greater. Mr. Tregaskes noted that minimum lot size restrictions and setbacks would also limit the size of the guest unit. He stated that most established subdivisions in town would probably not allow a guest unit due to lot size.

Guest house – detached, or attached and used for rental purposes, would be a permitted by conditional use. For example, in the Manufactured Housing zone, there would be two classifications, contingent on the size of the property on which the guest house would be located. A 10,000 sf lot would allow a detached house at 50% of the main house size. A minimum 20,000 sf lot would allow a guest house that could match the existing home’s square footage. Allowable size of the guest house would be different based on the zoning district.

Mr. Tregaskes noted that staff will make changes recommended this evening and bring the code changes back to the commission for public hearing the last meeting of March and to the city council for public hearing the first meeting in April.

  C. Chapter 12 (Land Division) proposed revisions.

Mr. Tregaskes presented the staff summary report, noting that staff recommendations for Chapter 12 was approximately 90% complete. Staff wanted commission input prior to the final work. Spelling or grammar errors were noted.

12-2(B)3 – Commissioner Johnson asked for clarification on the last sentence. It was decided that the last phrase, the reservation of such area shall terminate, be deleted.

12-3-2 Table 1. Commissioner Sipes asked about 22’ roadway widths. Mr. Kopp noted that we did away with 20’ roads. He noted that, according to the trips calculations, 22’ is adequate for the number of trips (#350) in residential subdivisions with less than four dwellings per acre. He noted that if there were more than 35 lots on the street, then we would have to build wider. Discussion continued on the 22’ road widths. Mr. Kopp suggested that we could reduce the trip limits to 250. That way small cul-de-sacs, which are limited to 25 lots maximum, would be allowed to keep the 22’ width. Mr. Tregaskes noted that the addition of sidewalk requirements in all areas except industrial zones have helped with the 22’ issue. Mr. Kopp also noted that street width in the City of Show Low is now calculated as the width of the street pavement only – from gutter pan to gutter pan. The change in the street width measurement might need to be clarified on Table 1 as part of the definition of ‘roadway.’ The heading on the 22’ street width column needs to read ‘cul-de-sacs only’ and the traffic load changed to <250. Table 1 should also have sidewalks requirements noted on entire row with the exception of the Industrial column.

12-5-1(A) – Commissioner Sipes recommended the Board of Adjustment be listed to hear requests for modifications, not the city council. Mr. Graves noted that this wording predates the formation of our board. Staff will research this suggestion.

12-2-3(B)4 f,g (traffic and drainage information for preliminary plat submission) – Mr. Kopp noted that we are asking for a little more than the 2,10, and 100 year flow information for drainage that we require now. Traffic requirements are the same. We want them to start considering traffic issues and drainage issues early on. We may need a little more support guidelines in the text here than what we have given you tonight. Mr. Patterson noted that we still don’t want to force them to do a full study at the preliminary plat stage, but these new requirements will give the city engineer a heads up on some site issues.

Vice Chairman Latham welcomed Sr. Planner, Telford Chapman, to the Planning and Zoning department.

4. Adjournment. Chairman Skillin adjourned the meeting at 7:55 PM.




_______________________________ Justen Tregaskes
Planning and Zoning Director



Keith Skillin, Chairman

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Diana Hough, Administrative Asst.                 Date


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