Fee:  $600                                                                                       *Get Zone Change Application*


Below is a general overview of the Zone Change Process.  Please refer to Chapter 15-1-31 of

the City Code for complete guidelines and instructions.  All rezoning will be in compliance with

the Show Low General Plan.


♣Petitions may be filed by:

        1.  The owner(s) and/or authorized agent of the property.

        2.  One or more of several joint property owners.

        3.  Seventy-five (75) percent or more of the owners of property. 

        4.  The City Council or Planning and Zoning Commission.       

♣Submittal Process: 
        1.  Applicant must submit an application on an approved form.
        2.  Applicant must arrange for a pre-application meeting with Planning and Zoning staff.
        3.  Applicant must conduct a neighborhood meeting prior to formal submission. 
        4.  Application must include:
            ● A map showing the particular property or properties for which the change of zone is requested
               and substantially the adjoining properties and the public streets and ways within a radius of
               300 feet of the exterior boundaries thereof.
            ● A project narrative
            ● A tentative development plan which include:  topographical information; proposed street
               system, block layouts, open spaces, offeet parking spaces; location, types, and uses of
               proposed structures; preliminary plans and elevations of structure types; and, percentage of
               structure-to-land use. 
        5.  Photographs, drawings, and other supporting documents, if the applicant wishes.
        6.  Completed 207 Waiver (form is attached to the Zone Change Application noted above).
        7.  Payment of the non-refundable filing fee.

♣Review Process:
        1.  A completed application shall be submitted to the planning and zoning director at least
             twenty-five (25) days prior to the public hearing.

        2.  Staff will evaluate the submittal for consistency and conformance with the General Plan.
        3.  The item will be placed on the commission and council agendas and posted in the legal
             section of the local newspaper and on the real property at least fifteen (15) days prior to the
             first meeting.  Property owners located within 300 of the property will receive meeting
             notification by mail.

        4.  The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing and forward their
             recommendations on the rezone request to the City Council.

        5.  The City Council will hold their public hearing and render a decision on the application.
        6.  The approved zone change will go into effect 30 days after Council adoption.

Please refer to Chapter 15-1-31 of the City Code for complete submittal instructions and
requirements for the zone change process.

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